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Bobby Cloud, Family Law Attorney

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Family Law Attorney Profile

  • J.D., San Joaquin College of Law, Fresno, California
Licensing & Professional Memberships:
  • Member - State Bar of California
  • Kern County Bar Association
Court Admission:
  • California Supreme Court and all CA state courts

Bobby Cloud is the lead family law attorney at Bobby Cloud Law & Associates, with extensive experience serving clients in Bakersfield and Kern County. His initial practice focused on restraining orders as part of the Domestic Violence Reduction Project funded by First 5 Kern, and he has been an advocate for both parents and children in his practice since that time.

Bobby Cloud understands the unique difficulties of family law situations, and he will guide you through the complexity of the court system in order to achieve the best outcome for you and your family. In cases where conflict must be addressed, Bobby Cloud works aggressively and effectively to represent clients through all legal means, including litigation.

Areas of Practice - Family Law

  • Divorce
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Child Custody and Visitation Rights
  • Child Support and Spousal Support
  • Guardianship
  • Adoptions
  • Paternity/Parentage Actions
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Prenup Agreements
  • Postnup Agreements
  • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
  • Immigration for Marriage or Divorce

Eaton & Associates also offers immigration law services by a team of expert attorneys. Read online about our immigration services for more details.

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Because of California's no-fault divorce law, either party may file for divorce based on irreconcilable differences. Hiring a divorce attorney to advise you early on in the process will help you avoid mistakes and pitfalls that are common when individuals try to settle a divorce on their own, or attempt to represent themselves before a divorce court.

When possible, we recommend coming to an amicable settlement with your spouse. This will help avoid costly divorce litigation, and provides you with more control over important decisions than leaving them to be established by a judge. However, if you are unable to mutually agree on a settlement, our divorce lawyers will represent your interests in court to ensure that you receive a fair settlement.

A divorce settlement should accurately describe how your children and possessions are to be divided between you and your spouse. These may include issues such as child custody, visitation rights, and ongoing payments for spousal or child support, as well as the division of real estate, automobiles, personal property, other assets, and financial obligations such as debts. Even in the case of an amicable settlement, we strongly recommend seeking legal counsel from an experienced divorce attorney to ensure that the proposed agreement meets your needs and expectations for the future.

Contact our divorce lawyers in Bakersfield, CA, at (661) 323-7017 for a free consultation.

Alimony, or spousal support, refers to regular payments made from one spouse to the other, according to the terms of a divorce decree. A skilled divorce lawyer will petition for your support, taking into account the net worth, child custody, physical and mental health conditions, property ownership, any debts owed, level of education, and other factors applying to the two spouses.

Alimony may also be established in an amicable separation agreement, or defined in a prenup. In these cases, the spousal support is contractually binding, and, while enforceable by law, is handled differently from a court-ordered divorce decree. It's important to consult with an alimony lawyer to understand the subtle differences between these scenarios, and how they impact your recourse for revising the alimony terms or seeking enforcement if the agreement has been ignored.

Alimony can be ordered by the court before, or after, a divorce is finalized. Even while you are still working with a divorce attorney to achieve a final divorce in court, it may be possible to argue for a temporary order for alimony, depending on your circumstances. Also, because alimony extends into the future, past the conclusion of your divorce, a family lawyer should be also consulted whenever it becomes appropriate to modify the terms of alimony, as there may well be legal processes and ramifications that should be considered in order for it to be handled correctly.

Contact our alimony and spousal support attorneys in Bakersfield, CA, at (661) 323-7017 to review your alimony needs.

Child support is an amount regularly paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent, to assist with the expenses related to raising their children. Child support typically applies following a divorce or end to the relationship between the parents. In California, even when child custody is shared between parents, the parent with a lower income may still have a right to child support funds. Child support terms are considered when a divorce takes place, and also remain subject to future revision.

An appropriate child support amount is based on the age of the children and their anticipated educational needs, child care, medical expenses, etc. Our divorce lawyers will help you make an appropriate request for child support terms based on factors such as location, other family members living with the parent, and any agreement granting partial custody or visitation rights. Note that the child support paid by one parent is not intended to cover the child's living expenses (food, clothes, etc.) which may be normally incurred when the child is spending time in their own care.

While child support is first negotiated upon the divorce or end to the relationship between parents, it may be appropriate to revise as circumstances change. Our attorneys specialize in negotiating fair child support agreements, and, when necessary, can petition for modifications to existing child support orders through the local court. If your financial situation has changed, we can help you to achieve a fair modification of your child support arrangements.

Contact our child support attorneys in Bakersfield, CA, at (661) 323-7017 for a free consultation.

Child custody and visitation rights after a divorce can be divisive and highly contested issues. As a parent who loves and cares for your children, you want the best for them in their upbringing, education, and every other area. Unfortunately, the lifestyle, desires, and expectations of your estranged spouse can stand in the way of the future you envision for your children, and your relationship with them.

You have every right to fight for your child's custody, or for visitation rights that preserve your relationship with them. Many factors should be considered in establishing a living situation and schedule that is nurturing for your child and serves their best interests. Our divorce attorneys can assist you in reaching an amicable agreement with your spouse in the upbringing of your children, and, when necessary, vigorously defend your rights and the protection of your child in court. As family law experts, we are experienced with child custody issues.

Child custody and visitation rights are subject to change as necessary to suit the living circumstances of the parents and the development of the child. Our lawyers specialize in guiding you through the the process of negotiating or relying on a judicial determination for a modification to the terms that were established at the time of your divorce.

Contact our child custody and visitation lawyers in Bakersfield, CA, at (661) 323-7017 for a free consultation.

At Eaton & Associates, we offer arbitration services as well as mediation from trained family lawyers. These two forms of alternative dispute resolution can enable you and your spouse to resolve the terms of your divorce amicably, rather than having to enlist the court system in a process that is often expensive, time-consuming, and emotionally difficult.

Arbitration involves both spouses agreeing to abide by the decision of a disinterested 3rd party who hears the issues at hand and rules based on their merits. Because arbitration is not bound to courtroom procedure, we can conduct it in a way which allows your arguments to be presented and understood most clearly and effectively. Bypassing the legal system in resolving your issues also allows them to be handled in a faster and less costly fashion, and our divorce lawyers are experienced arbiters who will approach your situation fairly and without bias.

Mediation involves negotiation of divorce or child custody terms between the two spouses with the assistance of a neutral facilitator. Instead of the 3rd party issuing a ruling, as an arbiter would do, a mediator guides the conversation to help the spouses communicate effectively. Because the two of you are most familiar with your own situation, a decision that you mutually agree upon is ideal. As family law experts and divorce attorneys, we have much experience dealing with troubled relationships, and can facilitate a mediation session designed to help you and your spouse reach an agreement in a more private and satisfactory manner than through a legal battle involving the court system.

Contact our alternative dispute resolution arbiters and mediators in Bakersfield, CA, at (661) 323-7017 to discuss your situation.

Petitioning for a restraining order is your recourse against unwanted or abusive contact from a spouse, family member, or other individual. Our family lawyers are experienced at working with the courts to obtain restraining orders by analyzing your case and presenting a compelling argument to the judge considering your request. If you or a family member faces domestic violence of any sort, including verbal, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse or harassment, we can help you gain protection. These issues also may relate to pending divorce or child custody actions.

Rely on an experienced attorney to make a persuasive legal argument for your protection with a restraining order. With so much at stake, a "do-it-yourself" approach to the legal system can result in inadequate protection when you need it most. There are multiple types of restraining orders in California law, each with its own unique characteristics. A knowledgable lawyer will ensure that you're receiving the right level of protection needed in your situation, and see to it that the restraining order issued as promptly as possible and is fully enforceable.

If you believe a restraining order sought against you is unwarranted or unnecessarily restrictive, our family lawyers can help you fight to have the order lifted or changed. Especially when a restraining order prevents you from contact with an individual in your own household, it can create a very inconvenient living situation. If you are being unjustly treated with a restraining order, talk to one of our attorneys about your options.

Contact our domestic violence restraining order attorneys in Bakersfield, CA, at (661) 323-7017 for a free consultation.

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